Swiss Senator explains opposition to blacklists

22 December 10 - Swiss senator Dick Marty is now in the news for his investigation into alleged organ trafficking in Kosovo, but his efforts on behalf of human rights are far ranging. Read

Child marriage akin to violence against women

20 December 10 - In early December the US Senate unanimously adopted the ’International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act’. Women’s rights groups are now urging the Congress’s lower chamber to pass it before adjourning at the end of the (...) Read

Ivory Coast impasse risks a return to violence

8 December 10 - The disputed election in the Ivory Coast on November 28 is threatening to knock the country back a decade, a Swiss diplomat tells Read

’Whistle-blowers’ must be responsible

6 December 10 - Rudolf Elmer, a Swiss whistle-blower, talks to about Wikileaks and the role of such organisations “in a media-manipulated world”. Read

Protecting our Christian neighbors in Iraq

1 December 10 - Ahmed Fahad, from the department of media at Iraq’s University of Dhi Qar, speaks out against the recent attacks on Iraqi Christians, cites a few initiatives aiming to help keep the Christian community safe and expresses hope for all Iraqis to work together to rebuild an Iraq that is safe (...) Read

Community radio: a key to democracy

18 November 10 - Chilean journalist María Pía Matta, the new president of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) is a staunch believer that communication is a universal right based on freedom of expression. Read

"There is no war on terrorism"

12 November 10 - "The US intentionally confuses al Qaeda with other groups around the world fighting for their independence or liberation, but it’s [just] a convenient way to whip up support and get people very afraid," says author and journalist and Reese (...) Read

A new way forward for the US and Indonesia

10 November 10 - US President Barack Obama arrived in Indonesia this week for a historic visit. “Barry”, as he is affectionately known here, spent several of his formative years in Jakarta, Indonesia’s bustling capital. Read

UN expert urges action on food prices

3 November 10 - Surging global food prices and volatility can largely be explained by market speculators, the United Nations expert on the right to food told Read

US role in Iraq brought setbacks for women

27 October 10 - The US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq brought a sharp setback to the rights of women in that country, Thoraya Obaid executive director of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund tells IPS in an interview. Read
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