Suspension of site

24 January 11 - The English site of InfoSud’s Human Rights Tribune has been temporarily suspended due to lack of funding. A notice will be posted on the French site when it is back in service. In the meantime, we thank you for your continued (...) Read

Palestinian territories: separate and unequal

22 December 10 - From Human Rights Watch: This report shows that Israel operates a two-tier system for the two populations of the West Bank in the large areas where it exercises exclusive control. Read

Bangladesh paramilitaries trained by UK

22 December 10 - From the Guardian: The British government has been training a Bangladeshi paramilitary force condemned by human rights organisations as a "government death squad", leaked US embassy cables have revealed. Read

UN in test of wills with Ivory Coast

22 December 10 - The United Nations is taking an unrelenting stand on the spreading constitutional crisis in Cote d’Ivoire, where two contenders - one victorious and the other vanquished - are battling it out for the country’s presidency. Read

Swiss Senator explains opposition to blacklists

22 December 10 - Swiss senator Dick Marty is now in the news for his investigation into alleged organ trafficking in Kosovo, but his efforts on behalf of human rights are far ranging. Read

Child marriage akin to violence against women

20 December 10 - In early December the US Senate unanimously adopted the ’International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act’. Women’s rights groups are now urging the Congress’s lower chamber to pass it before adjourning at the end of the (...) Read

Calls to free Syrian activist

19 December 10 - From Human Rights Watch: Syrian authorities should not prosecute a political activist for statements criticizing Iran’s 2009 presidential election and should release him immediately. Read

Rights pressure on Cuba mainly ’lip service’

19 December 10 - From the Guardian: Australia, Canada and several European countries have stopped pressuring Cuba over human rights in the hope of winning commercial favours from Havana, according to confidential US diplomatic cables released by (...) Read

Dire consequences of desertification

19 December 10 - Few are aware that close to one billion people in over 100 different countries are suffering from or severely threatened by intense desertification. Read

Swiss investigator calls for Kosovo probe

17 December 10 - A report accusing Kosovo’s leader of heading a mafia-style organisation should spur a formal investigation and set in motion a “dynamic of truth”, its author said. Read
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