For topics related to rights itselves (right to food, etc) not to "justice"

Swiss Senator explains opposition to blacklists

22 December 10 - Swiss senator Dick Marty is now in the news for his investigation into alleged organ trafficking in Kosovo, but his efforts on behalf of human rights are far ranging. Read

Rights pressure on Cuba mainly ’lip service’

19 December 10 - From the Guardian: Australia, Canada and several European countries have stopped pressuring Cuba over human rights in the hope of winning commercial favours from Havana, according to confidential US diplomatic cables released by (...) Read

Swiss investigator calls for Kosovo probe

17 December 10 - A report accusing Kosovo’s leader of heading a mafia-style organisation should spur a formal investigation and set in motion a “dynamic of truth”, its author said. Read

EU/US must demand Kosovo inquiry

16 December 10 - From Human Rights Watch: The United States and European governments should demand thorough and impartial criminal investigations in Kosovo and Albania into allegations of serious crimes by former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) (...) Read

Call for Greece to end inhumane detention camps

7 December 10 - From Human Rights Watch: Greek officials should immediately transfer migrants from overcrowded and inhumane detention sites in the Evros region to an empty facility on Samos Island and protect the 120 unaccompanied migrant children among (...) Read

New York: where bail penalizes the poor

4 December 10 - From Human Rights Watch: Thousands of people accused of minor crimes are held in pretrial detention in New York City each year solely because they cannot afford to pay even small amounts of bail. Read

Clinton presses Central Asia on rights

1 December 10 - From VOA News: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, beginning a three-day Central Asian trip in Kazakhstan, said Tuesday the Obama administration will continue to press for human rights progress in the region. Clinton is attending the summit of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in (...) Read

US concerned by Iran crackdown on rights lawyers

17 November 10 - From Agence France Presse: The United States said Tuesday it was "gravely concerned" about Iran’s alleged crackdown on human rights lawyers and called for the release of all those who have been detained. Read

Critics decry China rights policy

13 November 10 - From UPI: Human rights officials say China routinely sends people to mental hospitals if they cause too many problems for the government. Read

China: Cameron concerned about rights

11 November 10 - From BBC News: David Cameron has called for closer trading ties between Europe and China - but said the UK still had "deeply-held concerns" over human rights. Read
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