Iranian calls to expell UK Ambassador

13 December 10 - From BBC News: Iranian politicians have called for Britain’s ambassador to Tehran to be expelled after comments he made about the country’s human rights record. Read

Mideast peace key to resolving Iran impasse

10 December 10 - Israeli leaders and their neo-conservative supporters insist the State Department cables published by Wikileaks prove that Sunni Arab leaders are more preoccupied with the threat posed by Iran than with resolving the Israeli-Palestinian (...) Read

Ivory Coast impasse risks a return to violence

8 December 10 - The disputed election in the Ivory Coast on November 28 is threatening to knock the country back a decade, a Swiss diplomat tells swissinfo.ch. Read

Moroccans protest Spanish party interference

29 November 10 - From Reuters: Hundreds of thousands of Moroccans marched Sunday to protest against criticism by Spain’s opposition Popular Party of alleged human rights abuses in the disputed Western Sahara. Read

Armenia on agenda for Swiss-Turkish talks

25 November 10 - Turkish President Abdullah Gül and Swiss counterpart Doris Leuthard will officially discuss “current issues” on his two-day state visit to Switzerland. Read

Egypt: critics see hypocrisy in US support

18 November 10 - The Egyptian government’s crackdown on political opponents continues unabated in advance of parliamentary elections Nov. 28, even as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last week hailed the "partnership" between the two countries as "a cornerstone of stability and security in the Middle (...) Read

How to deal with China on human rights

12 November 10 - From the Economist: “It is the unrelenting, unremitting continuance of pressure that often yields results on human rights.” Thus Britain’s then prime minister, John Major, during a visit to Beijing in 1991. On the first trip to China since then by a Conservative prime (...) Read

Burma’s junta switches to plain clothes

11 November 10 - On May 30, 2003, the Depayin Massacre in Burma (Myanmar) left at least 70 people dead. A failed attempt to assassinate opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, the attack was carried out by the pro-junta political militia, the Union Solidarity Development (...) Read

A new way forward for the US and Indonesia

10 November 10 - US President Barack Obama arrived in Indonesia this week for a historic visit. “Barry”, as he is affectionately known here, spent several of his formative years in Jakarta, Indonesia’s bustling capital. Read

Democracy remains elusive in Myanmar

7 November 10 - Foreign observers and analysts have no illusions that the first elections to be held in Myanmar since 1990 will be democratic. Read
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