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Global warming threatens food supplies

6 December 10 - Taking steps to control global temperatures is a key issue at the UN talks on climate change in Cancun. Read

Africa’s time has come

26 November 10 - There is the image of Africa, worse than Africa is, and then there is Africa, so much of it better than its image. It’s the continent whose time has come, African civil society leaders emphasised at a meeting in Madrid (...) Read

Zimbabwe: "sanctions are hurting the right people"

22 November 10 - The word "sanctions" was among the first five words mentioned to the new European Union (EU) ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell Ariccia when he first arrived and met with government officials in Zimbabwe a few months ago. Read

G-20 summit made limited headway

15 November 10 - The G20 summit has agreed a broad framework for shoring up the financial system, without offering a detailed solution for dealing with “too big to fail” banks. Read

Foreign workers in Switzerland send billions home

12 November 10 - Foreign workers in Switzerland sent home an estimated $5 billion (SFr4.8 billion) in remittances to their families last year, a World Bank report has revealed. Read

Gael Garcia Bernal documents immigrant plight

10 November 10 - From Amnesty International: Mexican film star Gael García Bernal and Marc Silver film the hidden world of migrants in Mexico for Amnesty International. Read

Swiss to address banking issues at G-20 summit

10 November 10 - The world’s most influential economies will gather in Seoul this week to thrash out a common path towards making the financial system more secure. Read

UN expert urges action on food prices

3 November 10 - Surging global food prices and volatility can largely be explained by market speculators, the United Nations expert on the right to food told Read

Paraguay’s economy soaring - for a few

30 October 10 - Paraguay’s economy is currently growing at the fastest rate in Latin America, due to by growing demand and high prices for agricultural products, especially soy, which is driving the expansion. Read

US alters its aid policies

26 October 10 - As part of a more general promise of reform to US development policy, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) is poised to fundamentally alter the way it tackles poverty overseas. Read
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