Lybia failing asylum seekers and migrants

14 December 10 - From Amnesty International: Migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers escaping persecution and armed conflict, face torture and indefinite detention as they attempt to make the journey to Europe via Libya. Read

Israel cause of Palestinian health woes

7 December 10 - From AFP: The head of an award-winning group of Israeli medics said Monday the health woes of Palestinians in Gaza and Arab Bedouins living in the Jewish state were the direct consequence of government policies. Read

Global warming threatens food supplies

6 December 10 - Taking steps to control global temperatures is a key issue at the UN talks on climate change in Cancun. Read

Swiss doctors refuse to force feed hunger striker

17 November 10 - Imprisoned cannabis farmer Bernard Rappaz has been on hunger strike for more than 80 days in protest at a prison sentence he considers too high. Read

Haiti: anger at UN as cholera deaths mount

16 November 10 - Demonstrators in Haiti are blaming foreign peacekeepers for introducing cholera into the country with protests reported in the cities of Hinche and Gonaives. Read

Friday marks world pneumonia day

12 November 10 - From the GAVI Alliance: World Pneumonia Day, November 12, to be marked by superheroes, politicians, stars and a Geneva landmark turned blue. Read

Africa’s challenge: distributing malaria vacinnes

8 November 10 - As nearly 25 years of development of a malaria vaccine come to fruition, health authorities across Africa will need to come to grips with how to effectively introduce it. Read

New guidelines for streamlining disaster relief

4 November 10 - Indonesia’s twin disasters - last week’s tsunami and subsequent volcanic eruptions - have provided an unexpected test for new disaster relief legislation based on guidelines drawn up by the Red Cross. Read

UN expert urges action on food prices

3 November 10 - Surging global food prices and volatility can largely be explained by market speculators, the United Nations expert on the right to food told Read

Indonesian communication links restored

2 November 10 - From the International Telecommunication Union: ITU has deployed a hybrid of 40 broadband satellite terminals in an effort to restore vital communication links in the aftermath of a tsunami triggered by a 7.7-magnitude earthquake and a volcanic eruption that hit the Indonesian archipelago in (...) Read
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