US aid diverted to Yemen insurgency

15 December 10 - Yemen is diverting US military counterterrorism assistance to an abusive military campaign unrelated to terrorist threats, a prominent human rights group has learned from Wikileaks. Read

The debate over the future of the Swiss army

14 December 10 - Should Switzerland maintain a small professional army, or continue to expect all male citizens to serve? Politicians disagree over possible threats to the country. Read

’Indiscriminate killing’ on India/Bangladesh border

10 December 10 - From Human Rights Watch: India and Bangladesh should take immediate steps to end the killing of hundreds of their citizens at the West Bengal-Bangladesh border by India’s Border Security Force (BSF). Read

New report cites severe China abuses in Tibet

9 December 10 - From Human Rights Watch: Eyewitness accounts confirm that Chinese security forces used disproportionate force and acted with deliberate brutality during and after unprecedented Tibetan protests beginning on March 10, 2008, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released (...) Read

Signs Burundi rebels may be remobilizing

9 December 10 - Amid growing complaints that post-war democratic gains are being reversed in Burundi, officials in the central African state have downplayed reports that a former rebel group has begun remobilizing in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (...) Read

Little progress at Geneva talks with Iran

8 December 10 - The first meeting between Iran and the world’s major powers in more than a year ended Tuesday with little to show apart from a vague promise to meet again next month in Turkey. Read

Swiss asylum for Wikileak’s Assange in doubt

7 December 10 - Swiss asylum experts have cast doubt over the success of the possible request for political asylum revealed by Julian Assange, the embattled founder of Wikileaks. Read

Kidnapping on the rise in Afghan north

1 December 10 - Businessmen in northern Afghanistan are increasingly targeted in a crime wave that experts warn will harm economic prospects. Read

New UN treaty on disappearances

25 November 10 - From OHCHR: The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Wednesday hailed the coming into force of a landmark new human rights treaty designed to deter the practice of enforced disappearance, punish its practitioners and protect its (...) Read

North Korea shells S. Korean island

23 November 10 - From Reuters: North Korea on Tuesday fired dozens of artillery shells at a South Korean island, setting buildings on fire and prompting a return of fire by the South, Seoul’s military and media reports said. Read
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