Child marriage akin to violence against women

20 December 10 - In early December the US Senate unanimously adopted the ’International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act’. Women’s rights groups are now urging the Congress’s lower chamber to pass it before adjourning at the end of the (...) Read

Yemeni woman advocats for rights

22 November 10 - From the Los Angeles Times: Amal Basha runs the Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights, which lobbies for human rights and wider political freedoms. It is a bold role for a woman in the rigid, tribal society, even more so for one who forgoes the (...) Read

A cultural approach to ending genital mutiliation

19 November 10 - Narrow approaches which focus on individuals or appear to attack deep-seated customs are less successful at reducing female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) than those that aim for community-driven change that addresses the complex social dynamics associated with the practice, according to a (...) Read

US role in Iraq brought setbacks for women

27 October 10 - The US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq brought a sharp setback to the rights of women in that country, Thoraya Obaid executive director of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund tells IPS in an interview. Read

Raped women seek to rebuild lives in exile

1 October 10 - Some women who have gone into exile in Switzerland in order to rebuild their lives, have found themselves plunged into a new traumatic reality of shame and rejection. Read

Congo: Outrage over failure to protect women

30 August 10 - Human rights groups are demanding an investigation into the UN’s failure to prevent a raid by armed groups who systematically gang raped 200 women in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) late last month. Read

Ban Ki-moon seeks new measures against Congo rapes

26 August 10 - From VOA News: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on Wednesday urged the U.N. Security Council to consider new measures to protect civilians in Congo, where more than 150 villagers were raped by rebel groups in late (...) Read

Afghanistan: brutality against women continues

21 August 10 - From National Public Radio (US): The Taliban has denied that its militants tortured, hanged and shot a widow in Afghanistan’s western Baghdis province for adultery. It’s not the principle the Taliban disagrees with — in a lengthy press release, a Taliban spokesman said that (...) Read

Fears for women’s rights in deal with Taliban

20 July 10 - From the Guardian: Human rights groups today urged the Afghan government not to jettison women’s rights as international delegates gathered in Kabul to discuss the possible reintegration of insurgents into society. Read

Cambodia’s sex workers face unlawful arrest

20 July 10 - From Human Rights Watch: The Cambodian government should act quickly to end violence against sex workers and permanently close the government centers where these workers have been unlawfully detained and abused Read
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