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31 May 06

Publisher: InfoSud, Genève

In charge: Carole Vann

Editorial staff

InfoSud: Carole Vann, Sandra Titi-Fontaine, Pamela Taylor, Claire Doole, Robert James Parsons, John Zarocostas, Yoga Rangatia.

Swissinfo: Frederic Burnand, Adam Beaumont, Mohamed Cherif

Photo: Humberto Salgado, Lionel Thorens

Coordination: Delphine Cluzel

Graphism: Pierre Lipschutz, promenade.ch

Internet Society-CH: Stéphane Koch



Palais des Nations, Bureau S-84

Av. de la Paix 8-14

1211 Genève 10

T. +41 22 917 29 30


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