Rights pressure on Cuba mainly ’lip service’

19 December 10 - From the Guardian: Australia, Canada and several European countries have stopped pressuring Cuba over human rights in the hope of winning commercial favours from Havana, according to confidential US diplomatic cables released by (...) Read

Cuban dissident addresses EU awards committee

16 December 10 - From Associated Press: A Cuban dissident used a video address at Wednesday’s award of the EU’s main human rights prize to call for the release of political prisoners in his homeland and for the government to end attacks on the (...) Read

New York: where bail penalizes the poor

4 December 10 - From Human Rights Watch: Thousands of people accused of minor crimes are held in pretrial detention in New York City each year solely because they cannot afford to pay even small amounts of bail. Read

White House considering ’indefinite detention’

16 November 10 - From the ACLU (US): It would be deeply discouraging if, as reports indicate, the administration is now retreating from its principled and correct position due to political pressure, and instead leaving these cases in a state of limbo with no justice in (...) Read

Haiti: anger at UN as cholera deaths mount

16 November 10 - Demonstrators in Haiti are blaming foreign peacekeepers for introducing cholera into the country with protests reported in the cities of Hinche and Gonaives. Read

"There is no war on terrorism"

12 November 10 - "The US intentionally confuses al Qaeda with other groups around the world fighting for their independence or liberation, but it’s [just] a convenient way to whip up support and get people very afraid," says author and journalist and Reese (...) Read

Gael Garcia Bernal documents immigrant plight

10 November 10 - From Amnesty International: Mexican film star Gael García Bernal and Marc Silver film the hidden world of migrants in Mexico for Amnesty International. Read

US defends its human rights record

7 November 10 - From Reuters: The United States defended itself against criticism of its human rights record from friend and foe alike on Friday in a United Nations forum that the former Bush administration had boycotted as hypocritical. Read

US rights record under review

5 November 10 - From the Washington Post: The United States is submitting its human rights record to the scrutiny of other nations - both allies and adversaries - for the first time, as the Obama administration opens itself up to a committee shunned by his (...) Read

An Obama success story: the UN Human Rights Council

5 November 10 - Ever since the US joined the UN institution, it has transformed the balance of power in a multilateral direction. Read
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