UN in test of wills with Ivory Coast

22 December 10 - The United Nations is taking an unrelenting stand on the spreading constitutional crisis in Cote d’Ivoire, where two contenders - one victorious and the other vanquished - are battling it out for the country’s presidency. Read

Dire consequences of desertification

19 December 10 - Few are aware that close to one billion people in over 100 different countries are suffering from or severely threatened by intense desertification. Read

Kenya reacts to ICC suspect list

16 December 10 - The naming of Kenyans suspected to bear the greatest responsibility for post-election violence in 2008 could trigger violent reactions in some communities, with humanitarian implications, aid workers warn. Read

Zimbabwe: call to investigate 2008 election crimes

15 December 10 - From VOA News: Zimbabwe human rights groups are stepping up pressure on Harare’s national unity government to prosecute the perpetrators of 2008 electoral violence including politically motivated rape before proceeding with another round of elections next (...) Read

Signs Burundi rebels may be remobilizing

9 December 10 - Amid growing complaints that post-war democratic gains are being reversed in Burundi, officials in the central African state have downplayed reports that a former rebel group has begun remobilizing in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (...) Read

Ivory Coast impasse risks a return to violence

8 December 10 - The disputed election in the Ivory Coast on November 28 is threatening to knock the country back a decade, a Swiss diplomat tells Read

US concerns by rights abuses in Madagascar

3 December 10 - From the Washington Post: The United States is worried about a "considerable deterioration" in press and other freedoms in Madagascar. Read

Ivory Coast election chaos continues

3 December 10 - More than a month after a long-overdue presidential election, Ivoirians still do not know who their president is, trapped in a post-election limbo marked by violence, the tearing up of ballot papers and bitter recriminations between rival political (...) Read

Call to investigate Egypt election violence

1 December 10 - From Amnesty International: At least eight people are reported to have died and scores more wounded across the country as Egyptians went to the polls to elect members to the lower house of parliament, the People’s Assembly. Read

Moroccans protest Spanish party interference

29 November 10 - From Reuters: Hundreds of thousands of Moroccans marched Sunday to protest against criticism by Spain’s opposition Popular Party of alleged human rights abuses in the disputed Western Sahara. Read
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